The Pipe

In late March of 2012, a pipe burst and flooded out the entire lower level of the church.  We ripped up all the flooring and took out the lower level cabinets in the kitchen and, in the process, heard God telling us that it's time we bring our facility in line with the vision God has for us in this community, both now and for generations to come.


The congregation was asked if they wanted to put everything back the way it was, or if they wanted to fix the issues with the stairs and kitchen and floor and lighting and partitions and bathrooms and accessibility and air quality.  They chose the latter.  Then they were asked if they wanted to put together a plan to address these concerns or see how what we build now might fit in with a bigger plan.  They wanted the plan.


The Prayers

So we started to pray for God's lead, God's provision, God's superintendence, and answered four questions.  They were:

   1) What three things are most important for us to address?

   2) What three things do you want to see incorporated in the plan?

   3) If you could do anything, what would you do?

   4) What should we not change?


This generated a list of over 400 identified issues, solutions and ideas.  Now we needed to see how these fit in a building plan.


The Plan

We interviewed architects to lead us in developing a Master Plan, hired one, and spend the next seven months measuring and plotting, calculating and debating, praying and dreaming until we could boil three workable design schemes down to one Master Plan.  In the end, 95% of all those 400+ unique responses were covered.


Our architect provided estimates for construction.  Our jaws dropped.  We started talking about phasing.



A feasibility study was done in late January/early February of 2013 to see what funds we could raise for the project and two things were confimed.  First, ours is a healthy congregation.  If there are any underlying issues, these usually come to the surface as the feasibility study is conducted and we're clear of subterfuge.  So that's good.  Plus, our folks know why we need to do this and agree with the scope of project we're looking to engage.  Second, the money isn't there to do all we want to do.  But this, too, isn't all bad.  Because we have a higher than average number of people already tithing, the gifts people can give just to the building are limited.


We'd decided years ago that we would be a nurturing congregation, and that means, to us, that we love from small to big, and are patient in the process.  We are just fine doing what we can with what we have, and if it takes a little longer, that's okay, too.



We created a Building Oversight Committee (BOC) chaired by Gerry Davis and co-chaired by Jim Lewis and Gary Ham to solicit bids, recommend the contractor(s) best suited for our project, and see that it's well built. We hired a contractor and, after several unexpected bumps in the road, our Foundation Room (Phase I) was completed and rededicated in September, 2014.

We also developed a Capital Campaign Team to encourage the gifts to come in.  The generosity of our congregation and the community helped us completely pay for Phase I with cash on hand.  Several grants have been received to date and we are continuing to look for other income sources to supplement our capital campaign so we can look forward to the start of the next phase within a reasonable time period.


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