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Anna Durbano, Chair


Becoming who we are in Christ is a life-long journey.  NPC offers personal and spiritual growth opportunities for all ages. It is our passion to teach and communicate the love that Jesus Christ has for us all and to use this love in building a caring community in which to live. It is our hope that all establish a connection to Jesus that will last a lifetime. 

 Discipleship is about providing opportunities to learn about Jesus Christ in a variety of ways throughout our lives while experiencing a loving and nurturing environment. For some it is being the student, for others it is being the teacher or the helper. For all it is seeing God’s hand at work in our lives.

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Developing truly loving relationships among our members is essential to building a solid Christian community.  We are dedicated to proividing opportunities to develop personal relationships with one another and our surrounding community.  Check out our upcoming events on our church calendar.  If you have ideas for events, please contact me on the "Contact us" page. (back to top)




 Jean Bender, Chair

As members of the body of Christ we celebrate the gifts of those who have gone before us and seek to continue their witness in new and vital ways as we move forward through the 21st Century.  The memorial team will work closely with family members to place funds, given in memory of loved ones, to further the mission of our church and bring others to know Christ.  (back to top)






NPC understands that our call to give our best work is not for ourselves, but for the work of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we are dedicated to developing and fostering partnerships with local organizations and churches in pursuit of God’s vision for the greater Nottingham and Oxford areas, spreading to the ends of the earth.  Click here to visit our Missions page and learn more about our outreach.  (back to top) 





"Outreach is responsible for managing programs and projects that reach out to the community in the hopes of bringing them into our church environment.(back to top)




Jerry Jackson, Chair


"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain."  Taking care of the physical resources of the church is only part of the job.  This committee will also guide session in making plans for the future so that solutions to property issues are made with a long-term vision in mind(back to top)





 Nina Hansen, Chair

It's not just about auditing books and managing investments.  We are called to be good stewards of God.  Responsibility for God's money includes teaching others to manage their own money so they can become good stewards as well.  What we have is not our own, but what God has given us.  We need to put our trust in God and show our faithfulness to Him with not only the 10% we dedicate back to His service, but also in the faithful use of the remaining 90%.  The Stewasdship Team is here to provide the tools and support for families to give what their heart is telling them.  

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Becky Reiber, Chair

Worshp.  It's what we do.  It's the center of our life together.  It's how we connect with God to find love, mercy and purpose for our lives.  It's more than a song, a prayer, some scripture and a sermon, but the one place where God meets us all to change our hearts, transform our minds, strengthen our bodies and save our souls through His grace.  This committee is dedicated to planing and presenting worship in a way which honors God and engages not just our own members, but anyone who comes through our doors, whether for the first time or the 100th time.   

The Worship Committee takes great joy in planning special services throughout the year with our Lent Series and Easter Celebration, Advent Season and Christmas Celebration. back to top)

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