Adult Akaloo

Using the  akaloo matrerial for adults, this group explores the basic themes of Christian faith and life as they relate to our everyday lives.  Led by Bill & Kathy Moore, this group typically meets in their home the third Thursday of each month.  Contact the church office for more information as this group is currently planning for future endeavors.


Akaloo is a lifelong faith formation for the whole congregation - children, youth and adults.  The name Akaloo, is inspired by the Greek word "akolouthein" which translates "to follow".  Jesus said to his disciples, "Follow me".  Drop your nets.  A new life awaits you.


Akaloo is based on this simple, radical call to discipleship.   Akaloo is following Jesus as body of Christ.


We all want to build disciples for life.  However, we don't always use a lifelong approach.  Instead, faith formation is often limited to Sunday school or confirmation.  Akaloo changes all that.  It offers a program of international discipleship that covers the entire lifespan, children through adults.

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