Sing in the Choir

Our choir has NOT been active since COVID-19 restrictions.  At this time we do not have a restart date for the choir.  

Historically the choir met once/twice a month before worship service on Sunday morning. We’re all amatures but enjoy singing to God!

Teach Children's Church

We have NOT restarted Children’s Church since the COVID restrictions.  At this time we do not have a start date for Children’s Church.

Historically ages 4-7 experience Children’s Church about half way through the Worship Service, after the Children’s Message.  Lessons are pre-planned. 

Be a Greeter

We are a small congregation so everyone is a greater to new folks.  Bulletins and written sermons are available at both entrances to the church.

Read Scripture

Our readers rotate usually once every couple months, or can be fill-ins. You read the first scripture reading for the service. The reading is sent to you from the Church office usually the Wednesday before.  We are a relaxed congregation to read for!  If interested, tell the Church office at: office4npc@gmail.com